Neuman’s Miso Glazed Black Cod Recipe

Neuman’s Miso Glazed Black Cod Recipe 

Neuman's Kitchen Recipe

Kasuzuke Miso Glazed Cod by Neuman’s Kitchen.



We are loving this light and tasty summer dish at Neuman’s Kitchen! This recipe is a nod to the traditional Japanese preparation of Black Cod, called Kasuzuke, in which fish is marinated (lightly pickled) in sake before being broiled or grilled.  This technique was developed almost twelve hundred years ago by Buddhist Monks and used by the Samurai as imperishable wartime food. Unlock your inner Samurai and try making this recipe at home!


Ingredients – 8 servings

8 (5oz) Pieces Black Cod
1 Bunch Asparagus
1 Bunch Beech Mushrooms
1 Tbsp Grape Seed Oil

For the marinade:    
4   Tsp Yuzu Juice
½ Cup Sake
½ Cup Mirin
6  Tbsp White (or yellow) Soybean Paste
4  Tbsp Granulated Sugar

Mushroom Dashi Sauce
2 cups water
2-inch piece kombu
1/3 cup Beech Mushrooms



For Sauce



Enjoy! and don’t forget to tag @NeumansKitchen in your photos!



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